3 Simple Ways How to Dress Like a Dancer

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Written by: Nikola Theo Lindenberg
Artwork by: Merete Mei-Jin Noer

This month we are inspired by movement and simplicity. In a fast-paced world one often forgets to be grounded and focused, clutter and chaos distract from real goals, and prevent us from delivering the true, impactful messages in our each daily act. When picking out clothes, a dancer’s primary goal is to maintain the ability of unrestricted movement, of freedom in each move, and a celebration of the figure, and the body’s form. Breezy, airy, fitted — we have much to learn from a dancer’s outfit.

1. https://goo.gl/j6KFW1    2https://goo.gl/2sz7pF   3. https://goo.gl/BtCNL2    4. https://goo.gl/V2gmxt    5https://goo.gl/LxUVrz


Clue #1: Simplicity

When dressing like a dancer, adopt their everyday look. So while an intricate, over-the-top costume may be what dancers are wearing when they perform, most of their lives are spent in effortless, understated outfits. Think simple and subtle both regarding the color palette, the number of pieces you select, accessories, and styling.

  1. https://goo.gl/jhSkhv    3. https://goo.gl/XujQXW   4. https://goo.gl/ZRmkq5   5. https://goo.gl/e5nEmj


Clue #2: Functionality

Leave behind the glamour of high heels, constrictive materials and cuts — to dress like a dancer is all about being practical. Your goal is to allow your body to move naturally, unrestricted, and free. Consider switching tight garments with soft, stretchy fabrics that hug your body in the right places but allow movement. Opt for ballerina flats, bouncy skirts, leotards, and skinny pants, and flowy, oversized tops.

1. https://goo.gl/JRP6i7   2. https://goo.gl/uVgzwD    3. https://goo.gl/kkYmKo   4. https://goo.gl/xq616s   5. https://goo.gl/yHuftb  6. https://goo.gl/aCzkLe  7.  https://goo.gl/bmQPwf


Clue #3: Think out of the Box

Think about what works for you on an everyday basis. Dancers never allow trends to direct the way they dress, they go for comfort with a touch of understated and refined elegance. When thinking about fashion — get inspired by different dancing styles. An oversized sweatshirt, a tutu and ballerina flats may cause a stir, but you will still feel confident in your choice. Dare to explore, mix and match even the most unexpected items.

The freedom of choice, the freedom to risk, and even make mistakes along the way will ultimately help you evolve your style. And just like dancing provides us all with the opportunity to reach beyond the limits of the body, language, and towards deeper mutual understanding, so can dancers inspire you to let your fashion senses fly.

1. https://goo.gl/cqWFXR    2. https://goo.gl/mxYCLb     3. https://goo.gl/bpC8Lf      4. https://goo.gl/x6SXvn  5. https://goo.gl/STTq9t

Article by: Nikola Lindenberg

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