Crazy About Patterns

Some trends are simply puzzling, and mixing and matching different prints can
be brain bending. Banish thoughts of looking like a mess and open up your
fashion sensibilities and creativity. Shrug off the banal and explore your
individual and personal vision with the use of print, embellishments and
texture to elevate this trend to new heights. There is one very important tip to
follow while mixing prints: stay in the same colour family. As long as the prints
have at least one colour in common, you can use contrasting colours to pull
your look together. It creates a visual narrative.

A mixed bouquet

They might be unforgiving at times, but stripes can act as neutral. The
proportions of the slim stripes on the top don’t detract away from the burst of
florals on the silky trousers. The look would be tired but the accessories add
some fun and whimsy. The toned down sparkle of the earrings uplifts the grey
colour palate. This creates a balance of pretty and polished.


1. Silk Shirt – Everlane
2. Night and Day clutch – Lautem
3.Pave Frog Stud Earrings – Mawi
4. Silver print Cigarette Pants – Wolf and Badger
5.Elephant Boots – Dorateymur 


A multi-sensory experience

Attempting this particular mix is not for the faint of heart, but the element
tying in this look together is the colour: blue and green. This look uses
embellishment as a form of print, making the skirt and jacket the stand out
pieces. The hand embellishment and embroidery only enhance the boldly

feminine feel. The shoes and the t-shirt add a neutrality and provide a relief
to tie in the whole look together.

1. Bellflower Jacket – Mochi 
2. Beaded Skirt – Aarabhi
3.Equality Tee – Peopletree
4.Datoibei clutch – Mola Sasa
5.Modern point navy shoes – Everlane


A single colour, a different print

Two prints can be married once a single colour relates to the other. A visual
balance really relies on the colour palate, you need to pick up on one similar
tone. The street wear inspired look is a youthful way of injecting this trend.

1.Pela Printed Dress – Moda Operandi
2. Straw Hat – Kaloon
3. Earrings by Mrinal
4.Datu Bag- Joanique
5. Dafne Ballerinas

Concise and clean

Stripes, especially black and white stripes, go with everything. It’s simple
and classic, and can be worn together. The key is choosing varied textures
and like plain cotton striped dress with a heavier coat. The smart belt bag and
bright red shoes add an element of fun to this otherwise archetypal look


1. Womens Breton Ribbed Dress – Everlane
2.Meira Earrings – Joanique
3.Blazer – Everlane
4. Red Pumps – Mansur Gavriel
5.Patches Tote Bag – Shicato

Textured fabrics count as a print

Mix and match of textures and technique that assembles together different
types of fabrics to create a new visual pattern. This new way of adopting the
trend, brings a more original approach to dressing. The lightweight but
frayed textured on the top enhances the beautifully woven pattern on the
skirt. The shoes and the tote bag are the neutral but beautifully crafted
elements that chicness

1. Teal Top – Ogaan
2.Lotus Fractal Earrings – Eina Ahluwalia
3. Kpata Skirt – Merchants Online
4. Maskara Bag – Joanique
5.Sola Boots – Moda Operandi

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