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In this series entitled ‘The Art of Individual Style’, we are focussing on strong,
passionate, inspirational and unique women who emanate style and substance in equal
measure. To be truly individual is to accept oneself and be content in one’s own skin.
What we are trying to achieve with these series of blog posts is to weave through the
many influencers found on social platforms out there and find the real, artistic,
inspirational women behind the mainstream. Women who by deciding to have their own
voice and appearance, have broken through barriers and become a force to be
reckoned with. No more so that the subject of today’s post, the wondrous model and
activist Adwoa Aboah.

What makes Adwoa stand out among others is not just her physical beauty, but above
all her rebellious way in which she approaches style, business, and her own identity as
the part of a wider society. Adwoa is just 25, but had already been named the
ambassador for The British Fashion Council, promoting British designers worldwide, and
working with designers and magazines to make sure that fashion is becoming more than
a frivolity — but instead a positive lifestyle platform for generations to come. Adwoa
firmly believes that style should a reflection of ourselves. Her style is eclectic and fresh
— she is a champion of the up-and- coming, yet talented young designers, and had
given exposure to numerous emerging talents in the fashion industry by wearing their
garments or speaking publicly about them. She’s attracted to bold cuts and colorful
patterns that reach beyond seasonal trends.

British-Ghanaian by descent, Adwoa struggled with her self-confidence in her teens. She
attended an all-girls boarding school and found it hard to fit in and be accepted by her
peers. This lack of self-belief led her to develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol in her
late teens. Nevertheless, she has pulled herself up from a shaky beginning and turned
her life around. It’s due to her relatable, down to earth attitude that young girls feel able
to relate. In her own words : “If you don’t like being in your skin, it doesn’t matter how
many times people tell you you’re beautiful.”

To this end she has set up Gurls Talk, a platform where girls can come together and
share experiences and get advice and support from each other. Adwoa set it up with her
best friend Holly Cole and they not only talk to girls through the platform but also travel
around giving workshops and interactive events. Gurls Talk is all about empowering
women — it’s a website where one can voice anxieties, get advice, and even showcase
creative work. Adwoa and Holly encourage girls to submit poetry, art, writing, and give

Adwoa continues to share her story and encourage girls to develop and grow in a happy
and healthy environment, where support and love is abundant. From her past fears and
self-doubt, she has learned that to be different and stand out from the crowd is actually a
good thing. Not to be afraid of looking and dressing your own way is something to be
celebrated and revered.

“Weve broken the ice, now it's about continuing to speak and speak up – loudly.”
A force to be reckoned with, indeed!


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