Kaméa for Conscious Fashion

Meet our #consciouslystylish Eco Blogger Kaméa Chayne 

Eco Creative Director and the author of Thrive, Kaméa Chayne sheds light on what drew her to conscious fashion.


When I made the connection that we cannot be healthy without clean water, clean air, and biodiversity on our planet, I realized that sustainability and wellness have to go hand in hand, and that species going extinct in the wild, and waters getting polluted across the globe have very real impacts and implications for me.

After reading Ecologist Guide to Fashion by Ruth Styles during my college years, which shed light on how toxic and wasteful the fashion industry is, I realized that I shouldn’t be proud of being a “fashionista” dependent on cheap, trendy clothes from fast fashion brands, and that unbelievably cheap price tags on a product often means unaccounted for costs – for the makers and the environment – behind the scenes.

As a problem solver (as I believe most people are), I started digging deeper. I realized by asking more questions before making my fashion decisions to better understand the impacts of my choices, I was championing what’s called “Conscious Fashion” – a movement I’ve been a part of ever since.

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original photography of images 1 & 3 by Amina Touray
graphic design by: Merete Noer