The Principles of Origami in Poem Bags Design


The ancient Japanese art of folding paper — origami, has been both individual and collective inspiration for centuries. Diverse both in the elaborate visual presentation and striking lines, this art form has found its application in various aspects of human lived experience. It has inspired artists in the creation of their own work, struck a cord with architects and furniture designers, all of whom have ventured to find their own way to present the quintessential idea of origami, which is to create three dimensions where there were originally only two.


Origami, as both the technique and the philosophy, can be comfortably placed within the paradigms of minimalism. Much like minimalist ideas revolve around finding useful application and enjoyment in the simple forms and ideas, origami strives to transform an everyday, unpretentious objects into a thing of beauty, into something to be enjoyed and valued. These concepts have translated perfectly into the ideology of the very special brand we are presenting to you today — POEM bags.

Unusual. Handcrafted. Long-lasting. This is POEM. The new Spring/Summer 2017 collection by POEM bags, inspired and enriched by the art of the origami  paper folding technique, incorporates origami stylings for a seamless design. A bit reminiscent of the collection by Issey Miyake, the bags toy with geometry and minimalism using remarkably soft leather. The collection is based on a precise pattern and the philosophy of balance.


The beautiful leather selected enhances the visual effect of gradients and folds. The relaxed shapes of the tote and humble backpack give the pieces a more sculpted look, as opposed to a purely geometric one. The art provides a medium for profound artistic expression. The color scheme — gray and brick orange, emphasizes the modern, urban background of the collection items. These are unexpected choices for summer, that is certain, but this is precisely in line with POEM philosophy: the brand’s creations are meant to be worn for years to come. Just like the original inspiration — origami, they seek to maintain simplicity, retain freshness, and deliver the ultimate gift: indisputably unique beauty.