What Wearing These 6 Colors Says About You

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with affect us more than we think. Considering we describe certain emotions through colour — seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy, there’s no denying that colour and emotions are to an extent linked together. Not only can the right colours help you look your best, but it’s proven that the right colours trigger a behavioural reaction in us, by allowing us to be more productive, driven and in-sync with ourselves, other people, our work, and the world around us overall.

Various studies over the years have been conducted to gauge the importance of wearing a specific shade of colour and its effects on both the performing ability and emotive nature of the person wearing it. So much so that it is also suggested that sportspeople who wear red coloured jerseys tend to perform better than their other colour counterparts.

Keep reading to find out what wearing these six colours says about you, what kind of message it sends, and how it changes people’s perception of you.

Black Equals Authority

Black as always been the colour of authority. The colour is both versatile and slimming: When worn in the evening, it looks elegant and in the office, it helps people know who is in-charge. Black is clearly the go-to colour when you want to look more imposing and formal.


Green Sparks Creativity

Green tends to connect us on a primordial level. It gives us the feeling of being safe. Given the fact that natural shades of green have a calming and reassuring effect on us, it’s no wonder why people become more creative when they wear green. Consider all great ideas come only when you’re relaxed and stress-free, and you will learn to appreciate the power of the color green.


Yellow Keeps You Energised

Yellow provides clarity for decision-making. Being the most difficult color for the eyes to take in, it is advised to wear yellow in moderation, so wearing a bright yellow suit may be a little too much. Pro-tip: If you aren’t confident on wearing an outfit of any color because it might not go with your skin tone, you can always try using accessories of that color first and then take it forward.


Seeing ‘Red’?

Red is an intense colour. Not only has it been proven that it increases the heartbeat of the person subjected to it, it also helps draw attention to the wearer. There is a strong link between associating red with romance and passion, making it a perfect date-night color. It is best if you don’t wear it for business meetings, since it can be seen as too forceful and garish.


Blue Helps You Stay Calm

Being the antipode of red, blue helps us in keeping calm. Another great use of blue? Wear it if you’re going for a job interview or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. Blue is associated with trustworthiness, strength and dependability.


White Is For Purity

Technically speaking, white is not a colour, but the manifestation of the presence of all colour – the complete energy of light. However, just because of that reason it is a tone that connotes purity, happiness, peace, innocence, simplicity, and cleanliness. Wear it on a day when it’s sunny as not only will it help you to keep cool, but also help highlight any other colours that you might have on yourself.


If you didn’t know but have always been wondering about which colour could have helped you stand out or emote what you are feeling, we hope that this article has been insightful. If you have suggestions about colour combinations that you feel are the perfect ‘pick-me-up’, we’d love to hear from you.