Industry Talks — Tête-à-tête with Petar Milano

Article by: Nikola Lindenberg

At House of Satori, we are always drawn towards creative people who are in touch with their passions and unafraid to follow their dreams. We are lovers of fashion, travel and adventure, and unique, hard-working visionaries from all around the world who constantly inspire us in a great number of ways. This week we are immensely excited to present you with the mind behind Petar Milano, a fashion and lifestyle blog operating from one of the most inspiring places and ultimate fashion capitals of the world, Milan. Throughout the interview, Petar reveals to us what it is like working within the industry, what makes Milan and Italy in general stand out from other fashion places, as well as how his own personal growth as a full-time blogger and fashion influencer affects his life.


HOS: What are some of the biggest misconceptions people seem to have about working in the fashion industry?

PM: I would say, for sure, the first one that comes to mind is the idea people have about fashion as an industry that is glamorous. People think that working in fashion is quite a glitzy experience where all you ever do is attend fashion shows, cocktails, events and end up with a bunch of free clothes at your disposal, from some of the most famous designers in the world. This is not so. It may be more glamorous than some other jobs out there, but the responsibilities and expectations are the same. It’s a job like any other. One where you ofter find yourself in company of beautiful and well dressed people, but a job nonetheless.


HOS: In addition to your work in fashion marketing and communication, you are full-time lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer with a considerable following. Do you find that blogging is ever misconstrued as a profession?

PM: Well, being a fashion blogger is a little bit more glamorous, that I do have to admit. The biggest misconception people have regarding influencers is that it’s not a job at all, and that all we are doing is simply taking pictures and posting them on Instagram. That we earn money doing nothing. It is easy to overlook that as a blogger, I am more often than not my own model, photographer, stylist, copywriter, editor, producer, and public relations manager. It demands a multifaceted approach to fashion and blogging.


HOS: How do you think living in Milan affects your experience of the world of fashion and the industry behind that world?

PM: Milan is one of the big fashion capitals along with Paris, New York, and London. I moved to Milan four years ago and since then it has influenced my personal style quite a lot. I don’t get inspiration from reading a magazine or browsing the internet and social media alone. I often get inspired by what I see on the street or in the shop windows. Milan is a city in a continuous state of change and it affects many industries, from art, business to fashion. Milan has given birth to many world famous fashion and couture brands that keep inspiring people and other fashion brands all around the world.


HOS: You travel extensively, both for work and pleasure. Is being able to travel important for your work and personal expression?

PM: Traveling is of an extreme importance for me because no matter where you go every trip enriches your life experience. I travel both for fashion and lifestyle projects I’m doing for my blog. It’s important to see the trends when I travel to the fashion weeks in Paris or New York, but it’s also important to get to know how different styles and trends vary between cities. On the other hand, I work a lot with the hotel industry, discovering architecture, design an hospitality they have to offer.


HOS: What traits does a clothing item have to possess in order to spark your interest?

PM: I always look for quality of material. I like brands that are not afraid to keep their production local even if it means that the clothing ends up more expensive. What I am also looking for are items with a purpose. Every item has to be useful and of course I adopt some trends by adapting them to my personal style.

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HOS: How do you maintain the balance between expressing yourself through fashion and at the same time showcasing seasonal trends that may not necessarily fit your taste?

PM: It is style over fashion for me. Having style is a question of you own personality and individuality while following trends, while important, can often mean buying clothes someone else already styled in a certain way for you. I prefer mixing the two. Trends are fun, they keep one’s style fresh and may add to it. They might last for a while, but they may also be long forgotten in a season or two.


HOS: What is so different about living in Italy and working in fashion compared to other countries?

PM: In Italy, it is not Milan alone where you will find the business of fashion thriving. Many brands maintain their design offices in other cities, such as Florence or Rome. Italy is a country of fashion. There is a mix between strong sartorial heritage and modern cuts and designs. This makes fashion in Italy innovative at all times. Fashion in this country transcends the industry. It is in the people too, it is omnipresent in the Italian culture; an integral part of both art and design, but also a part of the hospitality industry.

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All images courtesy of Petar Milano.

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