Freedom Fashion: Nouveau Bohemia

Article by Sharmishta Basappa

If Bohemian conjures up images of some crazed time capsule: The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s
Lonely Hearts Club Band, 70’s flower power, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in 2005, The
Gypsies and Coachella. It is such an overused term in fashion just like “streetwear” or more
currently “athleisure”. What does Bohemian actually mean? Where does it come from? Is
it still a trend?

The term Bohemian comes from Bohemia: the entire region of Czech Republic including
Moravia and Czech Silesia. The term was first used in the ninetieth centaury by the French
to describe Gypsies, who they mistakenly thought came from Bohemia. What we now
think of “Bohemian” comes from this regions cultural influences. The Silk Road which was
the trade route between Europe and Asia, further expanded this style. Folk regalia from
Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia have nuanced similarities to that of India, Iran
or Morocco. The embroidery, textiles, and shapes were intertwined and inspired by each
other which gave birth to this mixed and matched sense of style.

What Bohemia has inspired is pretty amazing. At its core it is about finding, collecting and
wearing items made by craftsmen you find along the way. It is about exploring cultures
and buying local artisan’s work which both the jet set and hippies did in the 60 through
the 70’s. It is truly slow fashion at its core.

What we now think of Bohemian has been elevated and updated. It still reflects the same
mind-set of people who are searching for an alternative to the “norm” in an effort to
individualize themselves. The staple silhouettes remain, such as flowy tops, maxi dresses
and non-constrictive clothing but designers and brands have dramatically increased the
embellishment, craftsmanship, and material quality of their output, making nouveau-
bohemia one of the most enticing movements.

How you do capture this spirit without looking like everyone else? Try and use the
inspiration to add this to your style.

1. Pos Gallos Earrings – Shop Latitude
2. Wedges – Matt and Nat
3. Miska Blouse – Accompany us
4.Yellow Print Blouse – Mayamiko
5.Convertible belt bag – Hfs Collective
6. Grey Slipper – Fortress of inca


1. Jump Suit – Mara Hoffman
2.Love Dealer Pouch – Sarahs Bag
3. Burkina Slides – Brother Vellies
4. Degrade wrap silk top – Moda Operandi
5. Sienna Tassle Necklace
6. Black blanket scarf – Reve En Vert


1.Woven Cotton Crossbody  – Purse and Clutch
2. Maxi Dress – All the wild roses
3. Edge of Ember necklace – Gather and See
4.Fur coat in dusty pink – Maison De Mode
5. Fizz Sandals – Coclico


1. Bagru printed dress – Ogaan
2. Leather Bag – Trippen
3.Ivory Eclipse Bracelet – Shop Latitude
4. Rebel Two Piece – The reformation

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