What to Wear for a Wedding

Confused About What to Wear to for a Wedding?

Come summer, the wedding season officially begins. Calenders are popping up with events and your mind must be buzzing with ideas on what to wear. Dressing for weddings can be tricky. The goal is to strike a perfect balance between conservative and contemporary. Worry not! To make this wedding season easier for you, we have compiled a list of things to consider while building a wedding guest ensemble.

1. Want to Wear Black or White?

Normally white shouldn’t be worn to a wedding and black isn’t an exciting colour. But if you still want to wear these colours, it’s best to combine to the two.

Want to wear something close to white or black, try this look

  1. Mola Sasa, Sia Clutch
  2. Shop Latitude, Sia Stud Earrings
  3. Maison De Mode, Sachin & Babi Dress
  4. Rafa, Red Simple Sandal

2.Who Wears the Pants?

Maybe this question applies more to the bride and groom, but wearing pants to the wedding might just be what you need if you want to wear something different than the same old dress. Invest in an impeccably tailored suit, its smart and versatile, something that you can incorporate in your everyday warderobe, not just the wedding season.

Need some more choices?  Explore some more options: Tailored Perfection

  1. Farfetch, Stella McCartney Blazer
  2. Gather&See, De Beau Cami
  3. Stella McCartney, Kassdiy Pinstripe Trouser
  4. Ayede, Fred Black Suede Heels
  5. Wolf&Badger, Antique Gold Clutch

3. Mind Your Feet

Sinking heels ruin everything. Consider this now and plan your outfit around your footwear. If the wedding is on the beach, garden or surface that isn’t stable, opt for wedges or low, cube heels.

  1. Cri De Coeur, Tate Wedges
  2. Beyond Skin, Glitter Vegan Wedges
  3. Cri De Coeur, Bounty Wedge Heel

4. Who is Your Audience?

“Dress for yourself” is always key. You will never be comfortable if you aren’t “feeling” your look. That said, something you would pick for a friend’s wedding would be completely  different from a close family wedding. Be mindful of you’re audience and create an outfit that suits you and your friends or family.

5. Recycle, Borrow or Rent.

If you want to wear a particular outfit but it’s all over Instagram then we would recommend saving your money and only if you give a damn, consider buying,borrowing,finding a new dress for this occasion and doing the re-wear next time you have a more anonymous party to attend.

Rent the Runway, is a great site to find a beautiful outfit

6.Location, Location, Location

Dress according to the location. Is it warm noon wedding or a mellow evening one, on a lush lawn or a grand castle, build an outfit that compliments the location, all the while keeping you comfortable. A pro tip: always carry a cover up, you never know when you may need one. It could be the weather or a mishap with mustard, but it will save you at the wedding.