The Edit — More Than Jewelry: Items to Treasure for a Lifetime and Beyond

Since the dawn of mankind, people have attributed special powers and given meaning to objects they found around themselves or made with their own hands. Some of those objects possessed spiritual value. Others were necessary in order to perform certain rituals or daily tasks. And yet, the objects that have, throughout history, managed to intrigue, puzzle, and fascinate everyone from historians, cultural anthropologists, and ordinary people alike are, without a doubt, personal pieces of precious jewelry.

What makes a piece of jewelry truly special? The scarcity of material it is made of? Its complex and intricate structure? The fame or notoriety of its wearer? Or is it the fact that it can be found embedded in the memories we create with it, in the stories we tell, and the meaning we assign to it once it becomes a part of our life. All over the world, across cultures, languages, and social mores, the act of preserving and cherishing fine pieces of jewelry manifests itself in the idea of the family heirloom — an object owned and inherited though generations, a piece which becomes intrinsically connected to the social fabric of a family. These items are more than jewelry, they carry with themselves all the easily lost, yet incredibly important ideas: it becomes the metonymy of togetherness, of the strength and connectedness of a bloodline.

Every heirloom was brand new once. What if you could pick the day when a piece of jewelry you liked, and wanted to obtain, inevitably became your own family’s heirloom? A precious item you have carefully selected to make your own could suddenly become one that is to be worn by your daughter, and your daughter’s daughter, and many of your descendants far into the future. You would want that piece to be truly special, so that you can make it even more special by taking it with you on your life’s adventure.

When it comes to selecting the piece you wish to make into a family heirloom, consider one important idea — think timeless. Trends come and go, but timeless jewelry made of precious material and gemstones truly is forever.

Like the one of a kind Jhoomar earrings by Mrinal Vasu: these precious chandelier earrings feature yellow sapphires, green emeralds, cultured pearls, and a huge garnet stone all captured in a trellis made of finest 22k and 18k gold. Show-stopping and unforgettable, this priceless set is unique in the world.

Skjermbilde 2017-07-12 kl. 15.34.35.pngFrom left to right: The Rose Drop Hoop & The Jhoomar. 

If you are a lover of simplicity and muted, pastel tones, you will fall in love with the Mrinal’s Rose Drop hoop earrings. An 18k gold setting houses a rose quartz flower, a Chalcedony onyx drop, and a single South Sea pearl.

Known for her limited collections consisting only of exclusive pieces, Mrinal Vasu creates timeless beauty encapsulated in stunning chandelier earrings. The Agate set is inspired by traditional Indian designs, and embellished with a coral flower. Adorned with emeralds and a pink tourmaline stone, Agate earrings feature a string of cultured pearls in a setting made of mixed 22k and 18k gold.


Skjermbilde 2017-07-12 kl. 15.43.16.pngThe Agate Chandelier earrings

Family heirlooms are not always intricate and complex. Sometimes they are simple. And in their simplicity, they leave room for you to inscribe your own story into them. Should you opt for the classic, simple design of Eina Ahluwalia’s gold pieces, you will be casting a vote towards elegant and understated jewelry with a hidden message to be revealed only to those who wear it. The rose fractal set made of fine 18k gold can become your companion for years, and a faithful family relic that is to be cherished and saved for posterity. Pick one item or get a set of matching necklace, earrings, and bracelet and give life to a future family heirloom today.

Skjermbilde 2017-07-12 kl. 15.51.30.png

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