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Article by: Merete Mei-Jin Noer

Radical Broccoli is a green company founded by the two young sisters Anette and Susanne Bastviken. The girls wows their website to write about how you can make the oceans cleaner and the earth a better place. They also write about organic products, green wellness, plant based food, recycling and second-hand clothes. We catch up with these two clever environmentalists!

Tell us about yourselves – What motivated you guys to start this blog? What is the message you want to portray to your readers?

We actually started the blog due to personal health issues that gave us a push into eating only the best for our own body. One thing led to another, and soon we found ourselves nose down in articles about how food impacts our environment. After a while we became quite fed up with the overwhelming information, and found out that we had to do something, which is when we started blogging. We thought that everyone would be equally as interested as us in this topic, which of course wasn’t the case, at least not at that time in Norway. After a while we tok some steps into the world of environmentalism in a holistic sense, where we focused on blogging about cool people & projects, eco-friendly products and green wellness.

We have also been surfing for a while and have seen with our own eyes what they are talking about in the news. It is pretty devastating, and Anette even paddled through bags of chips, a razor and shopping bags during surfing at Sri Lanka. We also did a huge beach cleanup in Portugal at a remote beach that functions as a collection point for trash from the Atlantic Ocean. It was so crazy to see how far the pieces of plastics had travelled, and how they can remain in shape for so many years.

All of this has shaped our blog and other channels to what they are today, and we are constantly changing.

Our message is that environmentalism is fun, cool, important and that everyone has the ability to do something amazing that helps!

We read about your plastic-free month on your blog! What was the hardest part about doing this challenge?

We are still in the middle of the challenge, and the hardest thing is definitely related to food. Everything from going grocery shopping in «regular» stores to storing the food at home to developing recipes of a more narrow range of foods. We were so used to plastics all over the place that we found it hard to change our routines. After some weeks we have learned so much! For example that you can make your own oat milk with just oats, water and a blender – saving us so much plastic as the cacao lovers we are!

You both have a background from Eat Foundation, can you tell us more about what this is about?

The EAT Foundation is such a great organization working on connecting scientists, politicians and businesses in order to create a healthier food system. The situation nowadays is rough, as more people are dying from obesity than from being underweight, and we are pressuring the worlds resources to the limit.

EAT Foundations’ goal is to be able to sustainably feed nine billion people in 2050.

You have met and interviewed a lot of interesting people from around the world – who made the greatest impact on you?

We are lucky to be able to build a great network of people who share our passions and values, and it would be so hard to choose only one.

We are amazed by the girls behind smart, sustainable brands like HejHejmats and HallaHalla (a coincidence that their names are so similar) that are putting a value on plastic by using recycled materials in their yoga mats and bikinis.

We actually met Kimbal Musk (Elon Musk’s brother) during the EAT Foundation conference in Stockholm last year who is creating healthy fast food in the states – he definitely made an impact both by his mission and by his height (haha).

Do you have some beginner tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle?

Our two main focus areas at the moment are single-use plastic and food. Our top five tips:

  1. Always bring a tote bag when you leave home in case you drop by the grocery store
  2. Swap your plastic toothbrush for one in bamboo
  3. Bring your reusable water bottle at all times
  4. Swap a meal with meat for a veggie meal at least one day per week – you’ll feel amazing
  5. Last but not least, take care of yourself so that you feel inspired to take care of the earth!

Describe an average day for you guys.

I don’t think there is such a thing as an average day, especially not at the moment as we just founded our company. Our weeks consist of everything from picking trash to going to a fashion show, to snorkeling for plastics in the Oslofjord.

Most days we of course do a lot of administrative work and meet with cool people and colleagues. It is important to mention that we strive to not become overworked, and set aside time to cook, work out and see friends and family.

What would you say is the biggest change in your lifestyle since you decided to become more ethical?

I think it is easier to answer what hasn’t changed – we definitely flipped our lives upside down, and only in a good way! It is actually a good kept secret that environmentalism makes you really happy and relieved – especially the part where you connect with nature, learn to live with less things and take better care of what you already have.

What is next for you and your blog?

Next up is a lot of cool projects with fantastic people, finishing the paperwork to become an officially registered private company, a month in Portugal to surf and work and whatever else that comes sailing in our mailbox!

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